Intel to release new storage drives with 3D Xpoint tech 1000 faster times than NAND Flash.

Intel Corp. is starting to ship the first products based on new technology.
The new storage drives, are based on technology called 3D XPoint. “It blurs the line between system memory and storage,” said Diane Bryant, an executive vice president who oversees Intel’s Data Center Group. She said 3D XPoint, pronounced “three-dee cross point,” can help accelerate tasks such as fraud detection, retail purchase recommendations, and autonomous driving.Intel claims the raw 3D XPoint technology is 1,000 times faster than the NAND flash commonly used in storage drives, though still about 10% the speed of temporary memory called DRAM, or dynamic random-access memory.
The storage drives Intel is initially shipping can’t take full advantage of the new technology’s speed because of the way they connect to computers.

The new storages drives Intel is making widely available on Sunday.

Netflix recommends LG HDR enabled UHD TV models, WebOS 3.5 powered.

For the third consecutive year, the newest TV models from LG Electronics (LG) have been designated Netflix Recommended TVs by the global internet TV company that popularized streaming. The evaluation program recognizes TVs that deliver excellent Netflix performance and superb viewing experience.LG’s TVs passed a strict evaluation process based on factors that matter most to consumers, such as ease of access and speedy performance, thanks in great part to LG’s acclaimed webOS 3.5 smart TV platform. For the first time, LG’s 2017 UHD models include a dedicated Netflix button on the remote control, enabling users to both turn on the TV and launch Netflix with the press of a single button. LG’s newest TVs feature the latest version of Netflix that allows easy access to the service directly from the home screen.LG’s 2017 TVs are equipp…

Verizon`s LTE A 64GB Samsung Galaxy S8+ retail box leaks.

Samsung is confirming with this box that its initial option is a 64GB storage capacity device, and will continue offering the 128 GB version and maybe a 256GB version, besides the microSD support.
The only information we can read from the back of the box is:
Samsung Galaxy S8+Verizon LTE Advanced
Packaging contains:
Samsung Galaxy S8+Pre installed SIM CardWall USB chargerMicros USB connectorStereo HeadSetUSB connectorQuick Reference GuideProduct Safety and Warranty brochure
From the front of the box: 64GB S8+ Samsung Galaxy S8+
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Samsung Galaxy S8 accesories Power bank and DeX (Desktop) Station leaked

Samsung EB-PG950 Power Bank for #GalaxyS8 in grey and blue (official accessory): 5100mAh, 15W Fast Charge In/Out, USB-C. Price EU 59,90 
Samsung EB-PG950 Power Bank for #GalaxyS8 in grey (official accessory): 5100mAh, 15W Fast Charge In/Out, USB-C. 59,90 Euro. 2/2 — Roland Quandt (@rquandt) March 21, 2017

Samsung EB-PG950 Power Bank for #GalaxyS8 in blue (official accessory): 5100mAh, 15W Fast Charge In/Out, USB-C. 59,90 Euro. 1/2 — Roland Quandt (@rquandt) March 21, 2017

The DeX Station (Desktop Experience) will enable you to hook up your S8 to an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard to interact with desktop applications for improved productivity.
The DeX Station will have two USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, a USB-C port for power, HDMI port for external video, and the standout feature is the dock’s built-in fan that offers active.

The Ethernet port is rated for 100Mbps, while the USB-A ports use 2.0 speeds. Pruce EU 149.99

Samsung reveals how BIXBY will interact with your phone ahead of SGS8/S8+ presentation.

One thing for sure is that Samsung will inlcude to the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8+ its new personal assistant called BIXBY.
How BIXBY will interact with your phone is long explained by InJong Rhee, Executive Vice President, Head of R&D, Software and Services as follows:
Technology is supposed to make life easier, but as the capabilities of machines such as smartphones, PCs, home appliances and IoT devices become more diverse, the interfaces on these devices are becoming too complicated for users to take advantage of many of these functions conveniently. User interface designers have to make tradeoff decisions to cram many functions into a small screen or bury them deeper in layers of menu trees.
Ultimately users are at the mercy of the designers with an increasingly steep curve that makes learning a new device difficult. This is the fundamental limitation of the current human-to-machine interface.  Since Samsung makes millions of devices, this problem impacts the core of our business.

Windows 10 Update KB 4013429 Change Log

March 14, 2017—KB4013429 (OS Build 14393.953).

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Samsung Galaxy S8 beats them all on AnTuTu benchmark at 205284. Video.

Galaxy S8 AnTuTu benchmark test from Jacky on Vimeo.

The video above apparently shows the Samsung Galaxy S8 performance registering a spectacular score of 205,284 on the AnTuTu benchmark site. That would make the Galaxy S8 the new top scoring phone, taking over from the Apple iPhone 7's 181,807. The top Android model has been the OnePlus 3T, powered by the Snapdragon 821 SoC. That phone tallied 162,423.
We don`t know if  the chip working in the device on this test is the Snapdragon 835 or the Exynos 8895 chipset. The model number of the Galaxy S8 is the SM-G950 on the test.
Samsung will unveil the mobiles Galaxy S8/S8+ in March 29.