Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What is going on smartphones technology? Trends.

What is going on smartphones technology? We are to used to read the most about the latest hardware components and the most mobile OS update including the design the material of the frame and of the case in simple words how it looks or will look like.

 How  my smartphone will perform on my country carrier networks at this time.  Wil my actual smartphone still work on 4G Lte Advanced speed How
long will take 5G to come up from today?

 Thinking this way takes us to consider the smartphone life cycle and it is not the new smartphones models you see every month  The real question is Will my today's purchase survive working at least for a year?

 The other point to think about is the smartphone design.  The age of the curved smartphones passed like a flash the bendable just started and will not last long too but when the foldables arrive like transformers from smartphone to tablet and viceversa the world's consumers will go  crazy

5G will start then.

Who will be the number one in the age of foldable mobiles? Don't bet for the actual competitors on the arena Surprises are coming.

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