Sunday, June 11, 2017

LG Electronics launches AI division.

South Korean tech giant LG Electronics Inc. said Sunday it has reorganized its structure and established two research centers devoted to the development of technologies related to artificial intelligence (AI).

The new centers -- AI and robotics -- will be directly under control of the Chief Technology Officer's office, and will focus on the development and implementation of AI-related services, the company said.

The move is part of the company's efforts to revamp research and development (R&D), and better meet the ongoing industrial transformation dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, officials here said.

The AI center will focus on various platforms, such as AI-based assistant services that can be applied to the company's home appliance lineup, smartphones and automobile parts.

Noticeably, a division within the center will be devoted to R&D for deep learning, a new area of AI research where a computer emulates the way the human brain creates patterns from data and processes them.

The robotics center, meanwhile, will be focused on developing core technologies of smart robotics.

Earlier this year, LG applied the deep learning concept for domestic appliance products, including robotic vacuum cleaners and refrigerators.

LG's smart refrigerator is aimed at enhancing the convenience of consumers by analyzing their usage and eating patterns. The company's deep learning platform predicts users' activities based on their past behavior.

LG's robotic vacuum cleaner has been built to recognize objects by capturing surface images of rooms and remember obstacles to better avoid them.

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