Thursday, November 9, 2017

LG launches its PJ9 magnetic levitation bluetooh speakers. Video.

LG Electronics introduces a Bluetooth speaker that lets you listen to music while floating in the air. 
■ Uses a magnetic field to float in the air and emit 360 degrees of sound quality. 
■ A luxurious matte white color applied to an elliptical shape of an aircraft turbine engine. 
■ Wireless charging, Convenience
□ In the air, when the battery discharges, it automatically  falls down to start wireless charging. 
º Waterproof grade IPX7 meets the environment and water can be used without worry. 
■ LG Electronics Korea HE marketing FD contact charge "Bluetooth speaker It will cause a blast in the market. "

LG Electronics released its LG Magnetic Permanent Speaker (Model: PJ9), sound emited at 360 degrees, and is now available to the public in South Korea.

It consists of an oval Bluetooth speaker and a cylindrical woofer station. A speaker grille was used to shape the aircraft turbine engine. The color is luxurious matte white color. The woofer station boosts the bass to help the loudspeaker produce a richer sound.

When the user presses the float button on the woofer station, the speaker slowly floats. This is a magnetic levitation technique using the properties of magnets pushing the same poles.

LG Electronics combined the technology of magnetic levitation with the design of LG alone to complete differentiated products. Self-injury technology is a known technology that can be used by anyone because the patent has expired.

When the battery discharges during operation, the speaker goes down to the woofer station and starts charging. The battery can be used for up to 10 hours once it is charged, and it is also suitable for outdoor use.

The upper speaker meets the waterproof rating IPX7. The IPX7 is rated at a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Users can enjoy music without worrying even in an environment where water splashes.

The shipment price of 'LG levitation speaker' is 369,000 won ($330), and it can be purchased at LG Electronics best shop and online shopping mall nationwide.

LG Electronics Korea HE marketing director of the FD handset, "eye-catching design will cause a blast in the Bluetooth speaker market," he said.

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