Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halide 1.5 A camera app, outs the iPhone X notch.

The Halide 1.5 camera application for the iPhone X uses every pixel of the new edge-to-edge screen, including the upper corners. It means the upper notch with all those sensors will not show up for taking your pictures at all.

Halide 1.5 is a huge update which features a new camera UI, designed from scratch for iPhone X.

This new UI is designed to be usable with one hand. This completely unique design allows users to comfortably use the taller iPhone X without having to reach for features, yet ‘embraces’ the ‘ears’ on iPhone X by showing exposure values and a histogram in the corners of the screen. The viewfinder is also completely clear of any obstructions, letting photographers focus on their subject with perfect clarity. 
          Depth Mode 
Halide can now capture Depth in photos so users can apply effects like Portrait and Portrait Lighting to their photos later. 
HEIC Capture
Newer iPhones can capture photos in HEIC for higher quality captures with a smaller file size. 
Faster and more reliable RAW capture
We work with other app developers and Apple to ensure we have some of the fastest and best supported RAW capture out of any iPhone camera app.

You can download the Halide 1.5 app from Apple store

Halide Blog via slashgear

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