Saturday, August 11, 2018

3 New iPhones are coming and how they look like. Pics.

Now is the time for Apple answer to the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note 9., and appears it will be with  3 new models.

On a video posted by Marques Borwnlee 3 iPhone sizes are the smartphones Apple is going to unveil in September as 2018 models.

5.8 inch iPhone X OLED Display. Dual cameras. In Black, White, Gold colors.

6.1 inch iPhone X LCD Display. Single camera. In 4 colors.

6.5 inch iPhone X Plus OLED Display, Dual Camera. In Black, White and Gold colors.

(We just put the names of the iPhones . Not Official)

The 6.1 inch LCD with iPhone X look below in the middle , will replace the iPhone 8 Plus of last year .We don`t know if it will be called iPhone 9 Plus just yet.

Speculating about the differences between them besides the size, it might be about inside hardware and features in software or maybe just in inside hardware. 

See how they will look like:

iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone X LCD 6.1inch . ( or iPhone 9 Plus)

Source of all those pictures on the video below:

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