Saturday, August 18, 2018

XIAOMI Mix 3 to be the world`s first smartphone to arrive with Qualcomm SnapDragon 855 built in 5G modem.

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The rumors about Qualcomm making the SnapDragon  855 chip that has built in SDX50 5G communication modem was coming since June this year.

People in China are saying the chip is working properly and that the market launch time is earlier than expected

There is also a source of Chinese origin that prototypes are coming out. 

Despite in August 1st, 2018 was rumored Lenovo to be the world`s first company to use the new 855 chip in its phones , news from China are saying the first is going to be the chinese company XIAOMI and will launch the chip on the Mix 3 smartphone.

We will see in this second half of 2018 year, a wave of new phones 5G connection capable coming.

venturebeat and bbs

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