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Samsung to produce Flexible AMOLED displays in Q4 2012, lighter and thinner smartphones to come.

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According to a report from Korean language news site DDaily,Samsung  will begin producing flexible AMOLED displays this quarter. The panels are said to be less than half as thick as current-generation panels, measuring just 0.6 millimeters compared to 1.8 millimeters. The publication notes, however, that the initial displays will be protected by inflexible glass rather than a flexible plastic layer needed for use in a flexible device. Samsung is reportedly planning to release a device with an ultra-thin flexible AMOLED display by the end of the year, and is looking to begin mass production of truly flexible displays by 2014. 

One official said, "more than half the thickness as well as reducing weight and thinner and lighter smartphones will be able to come," he said. 

Source: BGR via DDaily Korea

Below you can read how this technology could work, a Galaxy Skin smartphone concept included on our before post we wrote in 2011:

 This was the headlines of our before post:

Revolutionary: Samsung to bring up  the Flexible Amoled Galaxy SKIN smartphone for,.spring 2012 with Android Flexy OS

Advocating a genius phone that exceeds a smartphone, Galaxy Skin's biggest characteristic is that it can be folded, bent, and twisted, using the flexible display.

Moreover, the design of the Galaxy Skin concept is that its shape changes according to the application. For example, if the mouse application is activated, the hand phone could be folded into the shape of mouse and be used as the mouse itself.

Also, when the clock application is in use, it can be folded as a clock and can actually sit up on a table. Along with this, if the projector application is in use, it can be used as the projector, folded into its shape, and when DMB is in play, it becomes a small TV.

Its core technology is flexible display along with Electro Active Polymer that changes the physical shape when the electric signal is sent. In other words, when the electric data signal such as 'bend 3cm outward,' is sent, the physical shape really changes bending 3cm outward. 

▶ 4 inch Super Amoled display, WVGA resolution with flexible design
▶ 3.5G network and 4G HSDPA
▶ Android Flexy os (still not confirmed, this is maybe new os)
▶ 1.2GHz dual core processor (at this time July 22, the chip will be upgraded)
▶ 8MP rear facing camera
▶ 1GB of RAM
▶ 16/32GB internal storage
▶ Dimension: 221mm x 67mm x 8 mm
▶ Battery: 1500 mAh
▶ Connectivity: Bluetooth versi 3.0, USB versi 2.0 (high speed), Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

Surpassing all smartphones is the genius phone Galaxy Skin. If this really does launch, there will be a huge wave of uproar! 

Although the flexible AMOLED continues to be developed and has been already commercialized, the commercialization of other parts of the concept cannot be promised. All I can do now is just wait with great anticipation for a smartphone equipped with a flexible AMOLED display. 

Based on the person who suggested the concept, the flexible display already reached the step to commercialization in Samsung Mobile display. Samsung had been showing off some seriously wafer-thin, flexible AMOLED displays at CES in Las Vegas. Also, Electro Active Polymer is already utilized as artificial muscle, and it is at the step of commercialization of mass production to graft onto devices.

Other than these, geared with sensor grafted with the sensibility ITC, the display changes color according to the temperature change of the weather like 'my SKIN.' And it charges the battery from the solar heat as if to photosynthesize. Also it is planned to be geared with the engine that arranges automatically and provides the interface environment suitable to the user, responding to the body's activity and rhythm.

Below is a YouTube video of the Samsung Flexible Display withstanding a malicious hammering. This was uploaded about a year ago but is receiving much attention these days.

The design research team at Hongik University that suggested the Galaxy Skin concept said that it will be the item for Samsung to catch themselves up with the iPhone and iPad—to turn over the dynamics of mobile device. They also said that it is the blueprint of the future that shows how 'Smartphone can become anything' through the high technology and the sensibility that satisfies the users' innate tendencies.

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