Thursday, June 11, 2015

French company invents bikini connected to the mobile to measure solar radiation. Video.

A French company has designed a bikini connected to a smartphone that alerts you when it's back to get sun cream, a scoop that adds to the long list of everyday items online, such as toothbrush or sneakers. This bikini has a sensor that measures the ultraviolet radiation, as is manufactured and sold exclusively through internet for the sum of 149 euros (about $ 164). 

"The idea hit me on the beach, when I saw someone who had a sunburn," said Marie Spinali, director of the company Spinali Design, based in Mulhouse, eastern France. "I thought if there were pots notified when the plants are thirsty, could also invent something to warn when the sun hit it hard," said Marie Spinali, it expects to sell more than a thousand of these swimsuits. 

The Bikini sensor measures the UV radiation and transmits the information to a mobile phone or tablet, where an application based on analyzes of data on skin type of the person and the level of tan you want.

With this information, the application issues an "alert sunscreen", which can also be sent to the phone of another, so that it is responsible for spreading the cream. "When people think of put sunscreen, it is often too late, and have suffered burns," says Spinali. 

For Dr. Claudine Blanchet-Bardon, vice president of the French Association of Dermatologists, the product is interesting because "anything that prevents people on exposure to UV rays is good." However, for Blanchet-Bardon that the garment is a bikini does not send an appropriate message. 

However, the current design is not fully integrated into the fabric, as when tanning stomach is necessary to remove the device and leave it in the towel. 

"UV Sensors connected to a mobile application, is not something really new and revolutionary," said Yves-Marie Boulvert, specialized journalist portal "ObjetConnecté.net". 

The "object is interesting, as it responds to a need," but its price is too high, he said. In the future, the creators of the project want to take a next step to integrate the sensors into the fabric. 

"We are working with specialists in nanotechnology Atomic Energy Centre in Grenoble to develop miniaturized sensors, which will be fully integrated into the fabric," said Marie Spinali. 

The company is also working on a project of clothing for children including a GeoLocator, so that parents can track their children on the beach.

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