Monday, June 8, 2015

Leonel Messi worth between US$ 255.3 to US$ 280.8 million market value. Doubles plus to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Los tres jugadores del Barcelona español tras el triunfo en la Champions, Neymar Jr (i), Luis Suárez (c) y Lionel Messi (d). El argentino Messi vale el doble de CR7, según el estudio, a cargo del Observatorio del Fútbol de Neuchtel (Suiza), que estima en 255,3 y 280,8 millones de dólares el valor de mercado de Messi, quien lidera la clasificación mundial. EFE

The Argentine Lio Messi, who just won with Barcelona's the  "triplete" (league and Spanish Cup and Champions League Europe), doubles the Portuguese Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo, who gave the second place to the Belgian Eden Hazard, on estimated value market, according to study by a Swiss company, Neuchtel.

The study, by the Football Observatory Neuchtel (Switzerland), estimated at between 255.3 and 280.8 million dollars market value of Messi, who leads the world rankings.

The Hazard`s is evaluated between 135.4 and 148.9 million; while Cristiano Ronaldo places it between 113.3 and 124.7 million.

The economic value given to players by researchers from the Swiss company, which for years has done economic studies related to the world of football, takes into account the different factors: sports performance, age, length of contract, experience, position, successes achieved, etc.

Indeed, the age of Cristiano Ronaldo, the only player among the top twenty with 30 or more years, is targeted as one of the factors in lower part of its estimated market value.

The first Spanish footballer Cesc Fabregas list is currently at Chelsea, in the thirteenth position with a value of between 58.7 and 64.5 million dollars.

Among the curiosities, it can be seen as the Barcelona has two players being the top five of the list (Messi, Neymar); as the Colombian James Rodriguez (Real Madrid ) narrowly beats Barcelona Uruguayan Luis Suarez, who recently authored a decisive goal in the final of the Champions League.

Also, it is noted that the Malagueño, Isco Alarcon (Real Madrid) cost more than their fellow Welshman Gareth from Wales; or as Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) almost doubles in market value to the  Madrid`s French Karim Benzema.

The list of the top twenty players emanating from that study is as follows:

1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) $ 255,3-280,8
2. Eden Hazard (Chelsea) $ 135,4-148,9
3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) $ 113,3-124,7
4. Neymar Júnior (Barcelona) $ 89,6-98,5
5. Sergio Agüero (Manchester City) $ 78,2-86,0
6. Raheem Sterling (Liverpool) $ 73,7-81,0
7. Paul Pogba (Juventus Turín) $ 70,3-77,3
8. Diego Costa (Chelsea)  $ 69,9-76,9
9. Alexis Sánchez (Arsenal) $ 67,8-74,6
10. James Rodríguez (Real Madrid) $ 62,5-68,8
11. Luis Suárez (Barcelona) $ 60,0-66,0
12. Antoine Griezmann (At. Madrid) $ 59,0-64,9
13. Francesc Fábregas (Chelsea) $ 58,7-64,5
14. Isco Alarcón (Real Madrid) $ 57,2-62,9
15. Harry Kane (Tottenham) $ 53,5-58,9
16. Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) $ 51,3-56,4
17. Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool) $ 50,4-55,5
18. Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea) $ 50,3-55,3
19. Oscar dos Santos (Chelsea) $ 47,5-52,3

20. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) $ 44,6-49,1. (D)

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