Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What will be the next big thing? It is not here and the future is not now, yet.

I have been following what will bring out every smartphone manufacturer in order to amaze or dazzle us with something out of this world. But that moment has not yet arrived.

The latest smartphones are still focused on frame design and the ultimate mobile hardware to get the fasts one.

Some plausible new processor is out at 14nm the world`s first and the first two sided edge smartphones display.

Also there are some new features the mobile OSs are giving with new and better services to the user.

We can say that is what the smartphones race is about, design presentation, hardware speed, storage, better battery life, best picture and new mobile OS features that most of them have the same or keep matching one to another and vice versa.

The sizes of the phones came from a 3.5” display to 5.5 and sometimes to 6 inch almost reaching the 7.

Still mobile but are losing the real useful portable mobile that made them once comfortable to take. The question is : What is the most comfortable phone size to make it simple and portable?

Do we really need jumbo phones? Just buy a tablet with phone calls capabilities if you need a bigger display space to work on. Don`t you think?

Which of this two will replace the jumbo smartphones? The  full featured stand alone smartwatch or the foldable smartphone/tablet not yet launched?  What will be the next big thing. Because neither of them are in  the future now.

2016 or 2017?

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