Friday, October 2, 2015

Microsoft`s Surface Pro 4 to arrive with "smart frame" to shrink frame from 13 inches to 12 inches

According to WinBeta the upcoming Microsoft`s Surface Pro 4 will have an ultra thin bezel and with an  “smart frame” feature on the device that  will physically change size depending on the mode Windows 10 is in (desktop or tablet). 

The rumor states that when the device is in desktop mode or has a keyboard attached, the frame will sit at around 13 inches but when switched to tablet mode it would shrink to 12 inches to assist the user in holding the device in their hands. 
On one hand this makes a certain level of sense as if the Surface Pro 4 has next to no bezel, holding it in your hands is bound to cause some unintentional touching of the screen.  
But on the other hand, this sounds a bit too crazy to even imagine and would involve some truly revolutionary engineering. If this “smart frame” is entirely software-based though, that could make some sense.
via slashgear

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