Sunday, March 13, 2016

HONDA launches new model of hydrogen powered car.

The Japanese manufacturer Honda presented Thursday in Tokyo its hydrogen-powered car, Clarity Fuel Cell, in a manner similar to that of his compatriot Toyota bet on green technology but still extremely expensive.

The model works with fuel cells and more spacious (five seats) and has more autonomy (750 km) to the Toyota Mirai, Honda said that before the end of the year will also present it in Europe and the United States.

The group aims in a statement that the refueling is done in just three minutes, contrary to the long hours it takes to charge the batteries of electric cars, which also have a range much lower.

But making innovative models requires a delicate process and its price is still very high, around 7.6 million yen (67,000 dollars, 61,000 euros). The hydrogen replacement stations are also scarce.

Honda intends to place 200 units in a year, especially in public administrations and companies, through leases.

Also seeks to reduce prices substantially by 2025, to propose a saloon hydrogen at the same cost hybrid cars (which run on electricity and gasoline) like the General Motors (GM), said Honda President Takahiro Hachigo. 

Honda has already launched in 2002 a hydrogen car, the FCX, and in 2008 the FCX Clarity, but with very small-scale production.

Toyota presented the Mirai  model in 2014. It delivered several hundred units, especially in Japan, and has several thousands at back orders. The manufacturing pace should accelerate in the coming years.

Hydrogen cars, despite the ecological virtues of its operation, however faced criticism for the carbon footprint required by the manufacturing process.

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