Thursday, April 7, 2016

LG WebOS 3.0 Update to rollout in May.

LG WebOS 3.0 Update to rollout in May 2016 . At least that is what  Pocket-lint is saying.

According to them LG confirmed that the update to the apps will start in May 2016 and that  
LG has said that it will confirm which TVs are due to be upgraded,

WebOS 3.0 brings several improvements and innovations with it, but the look remains largely unchanged. The new version will include;

Watch two channels simultaneously or one transmitter and a remote deviceUsing LG's music player app while the TV is offzoom in on the image with Magic Zoom, without sacrificing image qualityThe Magic Remote set that you also your other home theater devices can operate withthe picture showing your smartphone on your TV screen and thus streaming appsChannel Advisor pobeert predict what you want to watch now, you based on what you watch and how long.Channel Plus adds television with video streaming services, so you can see what you can see everything at a glance.

Sources: LG talks webOS 3.0 and Freeview Play updates: Roll-out starting in May - Pocket-lint and and LG Developer

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