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Plug and Play Internet of Things Selects Startups for its Fourth Batch.

25 startups accepted into the IoT Platform.

Plug and Play's highly popular innovation platform, Plug and Play IoT, has just accepted 25 leading startups to join the fourth batch of its program. Startups across the consumer, industrial, and mobility foci were selected based off of technology interests from the platforms' 10 anchor partners.
New corporate anchor partners Fujitsu, Caterpillar, Panasonic, Honeywell, and SOMPO Digital Lab, selected batch 4 startups along with Philips Lighting, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Mercedes-Benz, SC Johnson, and Munich Re.  
Hicham Sabir, ‎Manager of Open Innovation at Philips Lighting said, "The great thing about being an anchor partner is that you get to influence the list of startups that are present. The team at Plug and Play does a great job in reaching out to a huge pool of startups [which we then] tailor to what we are looking for."
When asked about the program, Director of PnP IoT, Phillip Vincent said, "IoT has now become too broad of a term that covers all the recent tech buzzwords. But what we've learned from each of our partners is that the fundamentals are revolved around collecting data, connecting the data, being able to analyze it, and most importantly, turning it into an action item; and that's exactly what our startups in the program are focusing on, actionizing."
Take a look at this batch's innovative startups listed below. If you want to see these guys in action, come to our EXPO onJune 23rd where each of them will be giving a 3-minute pitch and have a demo space.  Register on Eventbrite.
Angee -  Angee is an intelligent home security system taking care of your family's safety, connecting to you via your mobile devices, and adapting to your routine.  Easy to use, unobtrusive, and constantly upgradeable through the internet and self-learning, Angee is redefining home security. Angee was successfully backed on Kickstarter in November 2015 and is currently preparing the product for market launch.
Aquadation - Automated "Self-Leveling" Residential Home Foundation Repair System using IoT sensors, Cloud Computing and Buried Micro-drip Irrigation Technology.
BeeHex- BeeHex, Inc., is the leading 3D food printing company led by Anjan Contractor, Chintan Kanuga, Jordan French, Ben Feltner and Pei-Ling Lee. BeeHex's patent-pending pneumatic technology makes pizza and confectionery hardware for commercial kitchens, theme parks and the event management and food catering industries. Based in Sunnyvale, California BeeHex is backed by Plug & Play Ventures. The company is regularly consulted for its expertise in 3D food printing by NPR, PBS, PC Magazine, Inc. Magazine, NTT Tokyo, Exame and others.
BreezoMeter - BreezoMeter delivers dynamic, real-time air quality data to help municipalities, smart cities and businesses make informed decisions on our wellbeing. With over 50M daily users in 28 countries, BreezoMeter is the world's leading real time air quality analytics provider.
ElectrIQ -Offering an all-in-one home energy management system that intelligently monitors energy consumption and sustainably reduces home energy costs.
Sentio Solutions (Feel) - Feel ( is the first smart wristband that leverages proprietary algorithms to recognize and track human emotions, and provide personalized recommendations based on advanced psychological techniques to help users develop positive emotional habits and improve wellbeing.
Kwik - The first open one click ordering solution for any brand. kwik solution includes interfaces to any payment & delivery services as well as to the existing e-commerce system of the brand, so they can go live with no effort and no risk. Using our proprietary IoT technology, orders can come from the existing kwik devices / from embedding our tech within machines to make them smart easily and even using ANY third party appliances/devices that can interface the kwik software platform.
Natural Machines - Our launch product is a 3D food printer. We call it Foodini. We are using an open capsule model, meaning the consumer prepares and places fresh ingredients in Foodini. Natural Machines is going to make preparing food healthier, easier, and so much fun. Foodini is the first 3D printer to print all types of real, fresh, nutritious foods, from savory to sweet. It uses fresh, real ingredients, making the Foodini the first 3D food printer kitchen appliance to contribute to a healthy eating lifestyle.
Nearable - Today's BLE tracking devices are proprietary to their own mobile applications, which means the network is insignificant, and functionality depends directly on the size of that network. Nearable bridges the gap between brands and devices creating the world's largest BLE location network, drastically increasing the odds of discovering all lost items.
oneID - oneID is complete identity lifecycle management for IoT. It allows for dynamic, real-time provisioning and revocation of identities for all nodes in your IoT ecosystem. Mutual multi-factor authentication and our unique zero trust architecture provide automated and highly secure identity. And it's device and protocol agnostic, so it works in any environment. We're ready today to help enterprises create stable, safe, and manageable environments for their IoT initiatives. If you're interested or want more details, let us know.
Oxie - Oxie is the first smart, wearable air purifier: It's neck-worn design places you in an invisible bubble of air, purifying smoke, toxic gases, allergens, germs and more.
With 1/8 global deaths attributed to air pollution, Oxie provides personal protection but also targets the wider problem:
In addition to purifying your air, integrated sensors deliver personal air quality insights through an associated mobile app. Oxie further crowdsources anonymous air pollution data to enable the most granular insights into our environmental health.
PRS Medical Technologies - PRS designs and manufactures support surfaces for to help people enjoy their lives.  Seat cushion pressure reduction benefits patients who may suffer from bedsores to consumers who want the most comfortable cushion during their long commutes, challenging conference calls and enjoyment of leisure.  Try it once, and your bottom will never let you forget it.
Reality Analytics - Reality Analytics use advanced, patented artificial intelligence techniques to detect real-world events in sensor and signal data so apps and devices can take action. In a sense, we let devices and apps use sensor to see, hear and feel the world around them.   Major applications in drone analytics (construction, agriculture, equipment inspection), in machine health / predictive maintenance, and in finding signatures of real world events in vibration, acceleration, sound, image, AC power and other sensor data.
Ripples - Ripples, a Steam CC venture, was founded with the simple but powerful idea that a cup of coffee could send a different kind of message; an actual one. Their first product, the Ripple Maker, turns ordinary coffee into an extraordinary experience. The machine creates inspiring Ripples from any image or text atop the foam layer of coffee beverages with the touch of a button.
Scenseit - Scenseit develops an IoT platform for indoor air quality & scent control to help existing & new emerging IoT verticals deliver new advanced products by reducing development time & expense  with its HW & SaaS solution.
Swiftly - Swiftly makes data-driven software applications that improve urban mobility. For residents, the Swiftly mobile app finds the fastest and most affordable ways to get around town by analyzing real-time multi-modal information. For governments, Swiftly provides software tools that help cities and transit agencies improve operational efficiency, make smarter investments, and better engage riders. The company is based in San Francisco, CA, and more information can be found at and on Twitter @SwiftlyInc.
Timeli - Timeli is an Asset Performance Intelligence solution specifically targeted to asset intensive industries like Utilities, Process manufacturing, Oil & Gas and other verticals. Timeli's SaaS solution is built on its innovative IoT analytics platform that was purpose built to handle large volume and velocity of time series and event data originating from sensors and equipment. By providing timely and actionable predictive and prescriptive analytics to operators, managers and executives, Timeli allows enterprises to operate their revenue generating assets more efficiently.       
Titanium Falcon - Titanium Falcon focuses on natural interaction devices. The first product is a stylish smart ring for mobile gaming and VR called Talon -- world's smallest and smartest motion control ring. it allows wearers to swipe fingers to play games or control apps on devices such as phones, tablets, VR headset, smart TVs, etc.
TRX Systems - TRX Systems delivers infrastructure-free location, tracking, and status-monitoring of personnel in indoor and other environments without accurate GPS.  The TRX NEON Indoor Location Service is unique in the implementation of a sensor fusion solution combined with dynamic mapping to deliver 3D indoor location and dynamically map indoor, underground, and other areas where GPS is not available or is unreliable.
Vyooit - Vyooit /vyu it/ is a an on-demand live POV platform for immediate visual feedback within the Enterprise and between Enterprise and consumers. This solution eliminates the pain of managing remote teams and operations by requesting live video from employees or contractors from the location, thus extending the reach of experts or decision makers. It also enables consumers to utilize the location of sales agents (retail, real estate, etc.) and engage in interactive live video sessions from the point of view of the agent.

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