Sunday, March 12, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ with GRAMMY award winning Harman`s AKG HIGH PERFORMANCE AUDIO.

Samsung's Upcoming Galaxy to Feature High-Performance Audio Expertise from GRAMMY® Award-Winning AKG.

Our expanding relationship with sounds and visuals is forcing technology to push the boundaries of innovation, and to provide powerful new and enthralling experiences for consumers. The wide variety of different sights and sounds we are exposed to daily can influence and shape our future, while creating a certain energy and excitement that leaves us constantly craving more.
As this content has become increasingly immersive, consumers today have begun to demand higher levels of sound quality from their phones and tablets. With this trend in mind, Samsung has incorporated sound from GRAMMY® Award-Winning AKG by HARMAN to deliver a superior listening experience for users of its new Galaxy products.
Samsung and AKG by HARMAN have partnered to bring inspiring sound quality to the upcoming Galaxy products, starting with Galaxy Tab S3. The Galaxy Tab S3 features specially tuned speakers which produce pure sounds free from distortion and distraction, and which automatically adjust from landscape to portrait mode. Galaxy users will also enjoy high-performance in-box earphones especially tuned by AKG to provide clear, authentic sound for the new Galaxy. These products will further enhance the state-of-the-art audio of Samsung’s mobile devices.
AKG by HARMAN was founded by an engineer and physicist with the idea of creating pure studio sound that could become a catalyst for creative expression. For 70 years, AKG microphones and headphones have been used from the studio to the stage by the world’s most respected musicians, producers and DJs, with a legacy of innovation that includes more than 1,000 patents and over 300 inventions in the field of electro acoustics.
With uncompromised audio and superior sound reproduction and quality, Samsung’s Galaxy product in-box earphones will truly provide an unparalleled listening experience, bringing mobile audio to a whole new level. Find out more about Samsung and AKG’s partnership here.

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