Friday, March 24, 2017

ARM DynamIQ is new tech for next gen chips for phones with AI.

ARM, subsidiary of SoftBank, has introduced DynamIQ, a new technology that will lay the foundations of its new generation of processor chips for mobile phone.

The company claims that the aforementioned technology, still undergoing testing, will entail "a huge change in the multi-core microarchitecture industry", and has been developed to meet the demand for ubiquitous AI, autonomous systems and accelerate the Integration of virtual worlds into a combined reality experience. "

ARM ensures that its next generation of chips will work with Cortex-A processors, powered by DynamIQ technology. According to the company, the design will be flexible and versatile, and will allow an easy configuration.

It will also enable manufacturers to establish connections within a wider range of devices, based on a common and secure platform.

In addition, ARM has been able to optimize processors so that "its AI capacity will multiply by 50 over the next 3-5 years," without going into details of what this means exactly.

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