Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ford creates a device to detect pedestrians in the dark.

Despite the fact that large cities are making progress in infrastructure and mobility, few stop to see the issue of lighting, which for the automotive sector is of utmost importance. That is why Ford Europe developed a system that literally allows a vehicle to detect pedestrians in conditions of low light, if not none.

The device reaches the point of activating the car's brakes if necessary. To achieve this end, this technology works by means of a camera of last generation and sensors that record any movement.

Ford conducted a study in which they wanted to know what drivers are afraid of during night driving. 

As a result of this research, 81% of respondents admitted being afraid of driving in low light, because vision is reduced and the possibility of accidents increases.

"We know that for some drivers traveling at night is a stressful experience, especially in large cities where it is common to see distracted pedestrians with the cell phone in hand. They can cross the street without being seen in the dark, leaving drivers with no time to react, "Gregor Allexi, Ford of Europe Security Engineer.

Resultado de imagen para ford pedestrian low light sensor

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