Thursday, July 6, 2017

LG G6+ Official Product Video.

The G6+ includes a 128GB  option You also get wireless charging and 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC previously exclusive to only certain regions, and there's also B&O Play earphones included in the package.

The LG G6+  also has some software features like Face Print (essentially face unlock), Google Awareness API and Covered Lens warning. These features will also be added to the existing G6 with a software update.

Press Release:

LG Electronics will launch the LG G6 family (LG G6 +) and LG G6 (32GB version), which will be available in three domestic mobile telecommunication companies.

The new products inherit the LG G6's unique strengths, including a 5.7-inch FullVision display at 18: 9 ratio, excellent durability, wide-angle dual camera and Hi-Fi Quad DAC.

The LG G6 also has a service called 'LG Pay.' 'LG Pay' is a smartphone payment service that can be used offline like a credit card. Generating a magnetic signal and paying it directly to a general credit card terminal is an advantage of versatility. 'LG Pay' will provide support to Shinhan, KB, BC, Lotte four credit card companies, and all credit cards will be available in September. LG Electronics plans to continue expanding smartphones that support 'LG Pay' service.

The LG G6 + has 128GB of built-in memory, which is double the storage capacity of the existing 64GB, making it a good choice for customers with a high use of multimedia such as video and games. The wireless charging function of the standard Qi method is also installed.

In addition, LG Electronics also provided 'B & O PLAY' bundled earphones for the premium sound through the Hi-Fi Quad DAC, while adding the B & O logo on the back of the LG G6 +.

The LG G6 + is available in three colors: Optical Astro Black, Optical Terra Gold, and Optical Marine Blue, with a shipments of 950,000 Thousand won.

The 32GB version of the LG G6 with 32GB internal memory is for customers who want to enjoy the convenience features of the LG G6 such as 'LG Pay' and Full Vision. Terra Gold, Marine Blue, and Mystic White are all three colors, with a price of 819,500 won.

To celebrate the launch of the LG G6 family, LG Electronics will promote customers by August 31st. First, 'LG G6 +' buyers 'LCD damage free warranty program' is provided. If you use this program, you can get one free replacement if your LCD is damaged for one year after purchasing LG G6 reservation.

For the customers who bought the LG G6 and LG G6 32GB version, they offer 'B & O PLAY' earphones worth KRW 200,000 for KRW 5,000. Customers can pay for 'Shinhan Card FAN', a mobile easy payment service, in 'Gift Pack' app installed on LG G6.

In addition, LG Electronics will update the LG G6 software, which adds convenience functions from the 30th.  Enhance the existing face recognition function that lock screen is released by lifting the product while lifting the product even when the screen is off . Low power algorithm that minimizes the standby power by analyzing the user status . When the wide angle camera shoots, Lens Blind Reminder function is applied.

Lee Sang-gyu, head of LG Electronics Korea Mobile Group, said, "We will strengthen our product line so that various customers can make choices according to their preferences, so that more customers can experience the benefits of the LG G6, including LG Pay- .

division                 LG G6 +  LG G6
Built-in memory 128GB 64GB 32GB
color    Optical Terra Gold    Astro Black Terra gold
         Optical Marine Blue   Ice Platinum Marine Blue
       Optical Astro Black      Mystic White Mystic White
Wireless charging function - -
B & O PLAY' Bundle Earphone

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