Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Samsung Foldable Galaxy smartphone is coming in September?

Speculations are now coming since rumors are saying the Galaxy S9/S9+ sales are not going as expected and therefore Samsung may launch the Galaxy Note 9 in July.

However Samsung has been granted with a patent for a folding out smartphone to tablet recently according to the investor from Korea , another similar before that one here .Both matches the model concept Samsung showed at CES 2013.

So I was wondering are Galaxy S9/S9+ sales really not as expected or is Samsung just making room to announce  the foldable smartphone for September.?

Remember Apple is coming with 3 new iPhones for September, one with LCD display and two with OLED displays and bigger sizes than today model iPhone X. Then Samsung has to come with something greater than Apple for that time.

Samsung has to amaze the world with a new smartphone form factor soon and if the company wants to keep the market lead.

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