Monday, April 2, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in-display fingerprint reader will work. Patent published.

Patent reveals Samsung's fingerprint scanner guides in action.

LetsGoDigital has reported on a patent, applied for by Samsung on 11 August 2017 and published , 29 March 2018, that shows how that in-screen fingerprint reader will work.

The issue that Samsung needs to solve is that an in-display fingerprint sensor is smaller than the size of your fingertip and harder to locate than a traditional fingerprint sensor.

So, when a you try to unlock the device, the reader needs to scan your fingerprint in sections and guide you as to where to place your finger next.

In Samsung's patent, this will be done by graphical guides prompting the phone user to swipe their fingertip so that it is properly scanned. 

The device will be able to tell which part of your finger has been registered, then use a so-called 'guide', to tell you which direction to swipe in, in order to register the rest of the fingerprint.

This could work in four directions, so, depending when you first place your finger, the device could ask you to swipe left, right, up, or down.

By adding a graphical indicator guide, the in-display fingerprint scanner is better able to recognise a fingerprint, making it more accurate and reducing annoying failed log-in attempts.

See above pictures.

Samsung Electronics filed a patent with WIPO for an 'apparatus and method for receiving fingerprint information through guide'. The patent describes the use of an in-display fingerprint sensor.

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