Thursday, May 3, 2018

Samsung challenge competitors with a thrifold Smartphone patent granted.

Samsung is making things hard to Foldable phones competitors makers with a thrifold Smartphone.

We all know that some competitors like. ZTE. Apple. Lenovo ,LG and Others,  have presented Patent  Applications  for foldable smartphones  from two to one foldable smartphones and viceversa.

Now Samsung has been granted with a patent  for a trifold smartphone that you can fold in 3 parts as you can see on the picture below.

For us Samsung found a way to keep the company apart from competitors, making the Samsung trifold smartphone a very tough challenge for them.

Samsung's patent was originally filed for in Q4 2015 and granted today by USPTO.

I Want to Believe that this trifold smartphone will see the light. If Samsung does it, it will be the world`s first trifold smartphone.

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