Friday, May 4, 2018

Samsung`s "Project Valley" for foldable smartphone changes code name to Project "WINNER". Might launch at MWC 2019.

It seems Samsung is making good progress with the foldable smartphone that was originaly code named as PROJECT VALLEY (also known as Galaxy X) 3 years ago, and has changed the code  name of it to Project WINNER.

Industry watchers think Samsung is moving beyond the development stage and is seriously going to release the foldable smartphone.

Samsung has informed to its suppliers to start supplying components for the mobile from November 2018. If that is correct the company is planning to unveil the smartphone at MWC 2019 (since there are rumors about the Galaxy S10 to be launched at CES 2019 in January) and make available  around 500.000 units to test the market first and confirm demand in order to increase production.

The report is saying that the foldable smartphone will have three  3.5 OLED screens,  two of them will be inside and one on the outside

For me that phone is the trifold smartphone latest patent granted to Samsung of which we posted yesterday as Samsung challenge competitors with a thrifold Smartphone patent granted.  You can see  the picture posted below:


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