Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Samsung to start 7nm chip production this year.

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Samsung will start the production of the new 7 nanometer (nm) chip with a new technology. Before chips were made with 14, 12 and 10 nm the most recent.

The chips industry for around 50 years is trying to find  the best way to improve performance shrinking the width of chip circuits.

Extreme ultraviolet lithography is a new technique that could sustain progress, but chipmakers have been been trying to perfect it for about a decade.
ASML Holding NV is the main supplier of EUV lithography machines, and Samsung is confident it has improved the output of this equipment enough for mass production. The Korean giant managed to make more than 1,000 disks of silicon using EUV each day, the company said at an event in Santa Clara, California, on Tuesday. The ability to use EUV, which eliminates production steps, separates Samsung from from its rivals, said Hong Hao, a company senior vice president.

The world’s largest chipmaker said it will begin using the new technique this year, in time for mass production for customers next year.

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