Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2019 LG Smart TVs will run WebOS 4.5 platform. Details.

2019 LG WebOS 4.5

LG Electronics is confirming that all the LG Smart TVs 2019 models will run a new version of WebOS a 4.5 which comes from the 4.0 actually running on 2018 models. 

Some details of LG WebOS 4.5:

The on-screen menu is getting an improvement, adding a second contextual row to the app menu that pops up when you select an app. In this second row, you'll see recently watched content, along with movie recommendations and trending content.

Smart home enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that the new version of webOS also includes a feature called Home Dashboard. This dedicated tool lets you manage all of your connected home devices, from smart doorbells to thermostats, right from the TV.

LG's LCD model line, previously known as Super UHD, is now known as NanoCell. The model line features the new webOS 4.5 platform, and many (though not all) models will include the new Alpha A9 Gen 2 processor, with all of its enhancements.

On the smart home front, LG is adding support for Amazon's Alexa smart assistant to its televisions, sitting alongside Google Assistant as part of the WebOS 4.5 upgrade. LG has also improved its own ThinQ assistant to support contextual follow-up questions.

According to LG Electronics Tweet below  the company will upgrade their TVs every year to a new WebOS version 

Meanwhile take a look of some tweets LG Electronics made about on what is  WebOS working on:

WebOS works with AI services from their external partners Google, Amazon, Baidu and Yandex.

WebOS includes LG`s own AI technology and will be adding to WebOS Open Access to LG's own AI ThinQ platform for developers all around the world. 


  1. The updates are interesting. I am really happy that LG has included these changes to the WebOS.

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