Monday, August 26, 2013

China: BBK launches the world`s thinnest smartphone. The VIVO X3.

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China: BBK launches the world`s thinnest smartphone. The VIVO X3.

The Vivo X3, built by BBK, is only 5.75mm at its thickest point. Yet, despite the crash diet it somehow manages to boast a 5-inch 720p display, a decent battery, 1 GB of RAM and front and rear facing cameras capable of filming full HD video. Available exclusively in China, it costs roughly €300. 

Back in June when Huawei unveiled the Ascend P6, it was with some fanfare. At 6mm thick, it was by far the thinnest smartphone ever built -- the Samsung Galaxy SIV is a whopping 7.9mm and the iPhone 5 far from svelte at 7.6mm in comparison.

However, one week later, fellow Chinese phone maker Umeox announced the X5, which at 5.6mm (4mm thinner) stole Huawei's world's thinnest crown. And while the Vivo X3 is technically a whole .15mm fatter, it can still currently lay claim to being the world's thinnest as the Umeox's official launch has been delayed and is not expected to hit the shelves until this autumn. 

The Umeox is also expected to go on sale in mainland Europe as well as its native China.

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