Monday, August 19, 2013

Lightning strikes the sky just as Usain Bolt crosses the finish line in world athletics.

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An image of the AFP photographer Olivier Morin, which displayed lightning in the sky just as the Jamaican Usain Bolt had just crossed the line of the 100 meter dash at the world championships in Moscow, is going around the world. AFP.

"I have to be honest: I'm only responsible for the frame and trigger. Obviously lightning was unpredictable, although it is true that the sky was heavy for the last 20 minutes ... and that all photographers took 20 minutes trying to catch the lightning" said Morin, 47, a photographer who often works in Milan and has 23 years in the AFP.

"So I think that my intervention in the photo is 1%, the rest is luck," he says.

The foreground image shows the imposing silhouette of "lightning" Jamaican Usain Bolt, on Sunday night at the stadium Lujniki of Moscow, and the background is in the midst of a stormy sky, lightning across the sky.

The photo has been taken up in the international press, from the British newspaper The Guardian to Italy's La Stampa, via the Huffington Post or ESPN.

The Irish pub no doubt qualify "​​photo coolest of the decade" while the English DailyMail newspaper asks "in what place will be situated between the great sports photographs of all time".

In social networks photography began circulating a few minutes after it was taken by Oliver Morin a remotely operated device.

"In 25 years never happened outside an uncontrollable element defines a photograph, and I know that if I try in the next 50 years will not get it again," says the photographer.

Bolt won the rain on Sunday with a time of 9.77, his best of the season, to 19/100 of his world record.

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