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Video: Folding electric micro car demo - Armadillo-T by KAIST.

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Video: Folding electric micro car demo - Armadillo-T by KAIST.

KAIST, the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology who revealed a folding electric vehicle prototype like the Hiriko designed by MIT and currently developed by a European consortium. Named Armadillo-T the micro-vehicle receives four in-wheel motors and a 13.6kWh battery for a total weight up to 500kg, allowing it to reach a speed of 60kph with a range of around 100km.

Final details, its doors open in gull-wing and mirrors give way to a camera.

The Armadillo-T is a first prototype and the team that developed the car says that the road to commercialization is still long...

With a maximum speed of 37 mph, the Armadillo-T can travel 62 miles after 10 minutes of lithium ion battery charging. After parking, the car can be folded in length from 110 inches down to almost half, 65 inches, via a smartphone interface. To save space, cameras replace the side and rear-view mirrors. According to the Korean Wall Street Journal, three Armadillo-Ts can be slotted into a standard sized parking lot in Korea after folding, using the same smartphone application.

Sources: technologyvehicles via Cnet

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