Thursday, September 3, 2015

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatches will hit the world market on October 2.

According to the Yonhap News  from South Korea, Samsung will release the Gear S2 smartwatches on October 2 worldwide.

The Gear S2 comes in  TWO basic models Sport and Classic with variants that you can see on the pic below:

There is also a list of Android compatible devices with Gear S2 here

The device runs on Samsung's Tizen operating system. 
The smartwatch will also come with Samsung Pay, the latest mobile payment platform promoted by the tech firm, but will support only near field communication (NFC) technology, unlike its smartphone edition, which has magnetic secure transmission (MST) that is compatible with traditional credit card devices. 
In South Korea and Great Britain, the device will also serve as a public transportation card, which can be used on buses and subways. 
Like its previous smartwatches, the Samsung Gear S2 has health care features, tracking exercise patterns and providing advice. 
Like Samsung's other flagship devices, the Samsung Gear S2 can be also charged wirelessly. 
Samsung opened its Tizen Software Development Kit (SDK) following the release of the smartwatch to allow developers to create applications that work not only on the Samsung Gear S2 but other Android devices as well.

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