Wednesday, September 2, 2015

IFA 2015: SONY announced 4K HDR TVs, RX cameras and the Xperia Z5 smartphones family.

IFA 2015 September 2: SONY CEO Hiari started highlighting the 4K with HDR content TV requires specific hardware quality These TVs work with the classic picture quality of SONY.

Kazuo has just confirmed that we're working with the likes of Amazon Instant Video to provide HDR content on our BRAVIA TV range. "Sony is leading the HDR industry", says Hirai.

Now we're hearing about some of our latest cameras. Hirai places particular emphasis on the super-slow-mo powers of the RX100II and RX100IV. "Now you, literally, can control time."

Hirai has also been talking about our dominance in the image sensor department. "I'm not exaggerating to say that many of the images you see today in social media, advertising and some billboards, those would not be possible without Sony's highly advanced digital imaging technologies."

Hirai has just announced the Xperia Z5! It features a 5.2" display, a 23 megapixel camera sensor and our fastest autofocus yet. It also boasts a fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone for ultimate security. 

The Z5 also comes in four different colours: white, graphite black, gold and green.

It doesn't just stop at the Z5. There's also the Z5 Compact, which boasts the same features as the Z5 but in a more compact 4.6" display, and the Z5 Premium, the first smartphone to have a 5.5" 4K display! 

Here's a better look at the Z5 Compact, which also comes in different colours to the Z5 model. 

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