Thursday, September 17, 2015

South Korea: Samsung will take Gear S2 pre-orders this week. Korea prices.

Samsung will take pre-orders in its home country online on Friday this week, despite the official availability worldwide is scheduled for October 2.-

The official prices for South Korea are: The Gear S2 sport will cost KW333.000 (US$284.-) and the Gear S2 Classic KW 374.000. (US$322.-)

No prices or availability news of the Gear S2 3G yet in South Korea.

Pre-orders for its first smartwatch batch will be limited to 1000 units , through its official online store.

The Gears will have Samsung Pay NFC, health care features, tracking exercise patterns,  providing advise., and wireless charging technology.

In South Korea and UK the device also serves as a public transportation card, for to be used  on buses and subways.

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