Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Palm smartphones coming back to life in 2018, but without WebOS.

TCL the manufacturer of ALCATEL , BLACKBERRY branded devices are going to bring back the Palm Brand  with new smartphones for early 2018. These smartphones will not arrive with WebOS software since LG is the owner of the OS that only uses for Smart TVs.

Instead is more likely the Palm devices will come with Android OS.

There are a lot of Palm mobiles users that still keep their PDAs, Palm Smartphones with Palm OS and Palm WebOS and the TouchPad tablet that probably would like to see a Palm device with the latest technology

Back in the day, Palm pioneered the concept of personal digital assistant (PDA) devices, largely considered the predecessor to smartphones. They’ve entered this market back in 1996 and achieved success with devices like the Palm TX and the Palm Pilot. With the Palm Pre, in 2009, they attempted to take on the rising Android and iOS platforms with their webOS alternative. And while webOS was a compelling platform (which even took rising designer Matias Duarte as their UX head), it failed to actually gain traction in the market. Fast-forward to 2010, and the company was bought by Hewlett-Packard for $1.2 billion, only to be sold again to TCL a mere 5 years later in 2015 (with webOS rights being sold to LG in 2013).


PS. I still have my Palm Treo 680 with me, but use a Samsung  Galaxy S4 at this time.

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