Friday, December 8, 2017

5G: KDDI and Samsung perform a demonstration on a moving train.

The Japanese operator KDDI and Samsung have achieved speeds of more than 1 Gb / s in a recent demonstration of 5G technology in a moving train.

Samsung has contributed to the test with precommercial 5G equipment, which includes a router, a radio access unit, and virtualized RAN and kernel. A peak speed of 1.7 Gb / s has been reached when the train was traveling at 100 km / h over a 1.5 km stretch of road. 

The connection has also allowed uploads and downloads of data, which includes a download of an 8K video and an upload of a 4K video recorded by a camera that was in the train itself.

Both companies claim that the test has opened the door to several use cases, such as the Wi-Fi backhaul in the vehicle, the offer of better infotainment to passengers and greater security.

Yoshiaki Uchida, senior executive director of KDDI, affirms that the demonstration is "a milestone of great importance that announces that the marketing for the 5G is just near to begin".

Collaboration history.

Samsung and KDDI have cooperated in 5G mmWave demonstrations over the past few years. Thus, for example, they have carried out a multicellular data transfer using a device mounted on a car that circulated in the streets of Tokyo, and a high-speed test with a device incorporated in a car that traveled at almost 200 km / h. A race track in Yongin, South Korea.

KDDI says it will continue to collaborate with Samsung in the study of real-world use cases, as part of its effort to launch 5G services in 2020. In October, Fumio Watanabe, president of KDDI Research, indicated that the need to obtain Spectrum licensing, which in this case would be granted by the Japanese government, is the main obstacle faced by the operator to meet its objectives in 2020.

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