Thursday, December 28, 2017

LG launches DeepThinQ artificial intelligence platform for develope AI products.

LG Electronics recently launched an artificial intelligence brand, ThinQ, which greatly enhances its utilization and accessibility to its deep artificial intelligence platform, DeepThinQ, and accelerates the development of artificial intelligence products and services.

Recently, LG Electronics has deployed its proprietary Deep Learning-based artificial intelligence technology into a platform that can be easily used and distributed to all organizations in the company. The name of the platform is DeepThinQ 1.0.

This platform is meaningful because it enables easy integration of artificial intelligence technology into a wider range of products. Anyone who is interested in artificial intelligence will be able to use the platform to develop artificial intelligence products.

Deep Thinking 1.0 is equipped with various artificial intelligence functions such as voice / video / sensor recognition, space / human body detection, etc., which have been secured based on the data accumulated since the 90's since LG Electronics. Currently, the operating system that supports it is expanded to Android (Android) and webOS (webOS) in addition to Linux, so that developers can utilize it more variously.

DeepScunch 1.0 also includes a "data learning" feature, which is the heart of deep learning technology. Products that will take advantage of the DeepSync platform will be smart enough to use a variety of usage information sent to the cloud server and learn by themselves.

Deep Thinking, unlike conventional general purpose artificial intelligence technology, provides a function optimized for the 'product' used by the customer and the space in which the customer operates. This is also the direction of LG Electronics artificial intelligence technology.

Deep Thinking products understand not only the external environment but also the patterns of customer life. For example, if indoor air quality is poor, we recommend that customers run air purifiers, recommend a laundry course dedicated to the weather, recommend a dedicated laundry course for customers who exercise frequently, In the middle of the night when the refrigerator is not open, the refrigerator automatically operates by power saving.

Deep sinks are also used in commercial applications. As LG Electronics introduced through airport robots,  technology to increase the voice recognition rate by removing ambient noise  technology to control the robot to get accurate position and to operate smoothly is useful in crowded space

Earlier, LG Electronics established an artificial intelligence laboratory under the CTO division in June and is accelerating research on artificial intelligence. Deep Thinking 1.0 is also the result of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence. LG Electronics is evolving various specialized functions of Deep Thinking.

Meanwhile, in line with the open strategy of the recently launched artificial intelligence brand 'ThinkQuest', LG Electronics plans to provide the user with a complete user experience by linking various artificial intelligence technologies and solutions to the DeepSync platform.

"Deep Thinking, an artificial intelligence platform, has evolved based on accumulated data from artificial intelligence appliances and commercial robots," said Park Eul-pyeong, chief technology officer at LG Electronics. "Deep Thinking will enable LG Electronics to differentiate itself from other artificial intelligence products and services "He said.

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