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MWC 2018: LG V30S (Smart Phone AI) will arrive with enhanced Vision AI, Voice AI and with Emotional AI. AI Trends

LG is going to unveil  the V30S Smart Phone AI at the MWC 2018. It has been developed to maximiza usability.

LG explains some concepts and trends of Voice AI, Vision AI , Smart Home, on Smartphone AI. 

The LG V30S will arrive with enhanced Vision AI, Voice AI and with Emotional AI. 

What is MWC's 'Smartphone AI'?

What is the direction of 'Smartphone AI'?

For LG , AI (Artificial Intellegence) means "intellegence implemetd by machines".

A person acquires more intelligence by learning. AI also learns the data and performs the best actions to achieve the given purpose. Although there are various theories, AI is classified as 'Narrow AI' and 'General AI' depending on reasoning ability.

"Narrow AI' refers to an AI that operates logically according to a human-defined algorithm. On the other hand, 'General AI' means AI that recognizes itself beyond these limitations and learns and evolves according to their own needs.

How should 'Smartphone AI' evolve in the future?

Recently, Deloitte Consulting said in an AI-related report, "Almost all AIs to date can be seen as" my low AI. " Market researcher Gartner also analyzed that "the most notable innovations this year will be more personalized smartphone experiences."

In summary, 'smartphone AI' can be interpreted as having higher customer experience rather than higher level AI, and better value for customers. Ultimately, the so-called 'sympathetic AI' that everyone can use conveniently based on user experience is necessary for 'Smartphone AI'.

So, what area will the 'smartphone AI' develop around?

According to the report on investment by AI sector, consulting firm McKinsey announced in July 2017, the areas of 'computer vision' and 'natural language processing' among the various AI areas accounted for the first and second place in total AI investment There is. If you put them together, it's about 60% of the total. 'Smartphone AI' is also expected to develop rapidly in visual and language related fields.

The annual investment for AI

Smartphone AI' trend ① 'Voice AI'
Recently, a variety of 'AI speakers' are emerging. However, many people use only simple functions such as 'weather' or 'alarm'.

In the future, 'speech recognition' will evolve into a direction that can execute various and complex commands. From this point of view, if high-performance voice recognition technology such as 'AI speaker' is applied to smartphone, smartphone with high mobility will be more utilized. As a result, you can control various functions of 'smart phone' as well as information search with 'Voice AI'. Furthermore, it seems that it will be able to perform life services such as settlement and delivery.

"Smartphone AI' trend ② 'vision AI'

'Vision AI' is a technology that improves the cognitive ability of the customer. For example, you can take good pictures, search for the information you want from the photos, and connect with the services that your customers routinely use, such as shopping.

For example, 'Google Lens' uses images as search keywords, as if you were typing a query on a web page, giving you details. Some smartphone cameras also analyze the subject to find the best image quality settings themselves. The 'Naver Shopping Lens' also finds shopping items similar to those shot or stored images.

Smartphone AI' trend ③ 'smart home'

'Smart Home' was initially a 'voice recognition speaker' that controlled the switch or switch in the house. Now, however, major household electrical appliances are integrated with 'Wi-Fi'.

As this situation spreads to smartphones, more opportunities will open up. It is now possible to enjoy 'smart home' even outside the home.

The combination of various services and personalized information through smartphones will create a new business model. In the end, smartphones will evolve into a 'smart home' hub device.

Smartphone AI' trend ④ 'Open platform'

What we need to think about when implementing the smart home we introduced earlier is that customers should use it easily.

There are still people who find it difficult to find and connect smart home devices including home appliances through smart phones. Customers also use a variety of services and smart home devices, but not all of them are supplied by a single manufacturer.

By purchasing smart 'smart home' appliances, you can not replace everything in the house with the products of that company. Most of the 'AI platform' started to strengthen its own services, but now it is evolving to link various devices and services. Google assistant based on search service and 'Android OS' meet and synergy is a good example.

'Android OS' is not only a smart phone, but also expanding into various areas such as 'Android TV' and 'Google Home'.
Scott Huffman, general manager of 'Google Assistance', which introduces LG Electronics and Google cooperation at the 'CES 2018' LG Press Conference.

What about 'Smartphone AI' to meet in the near future?

Future AI will evolve to provide real customer value throughout your life. 'Voice AI' and 'Vision AI' seem to maximize the customer's cognitive ability with natural interaction. The features that already existed, such as the enhancement of the camera image quality, will give you a step-by-step quality and result when you meet AI technology. It can be diagnosed that a super personalized life-style service that focuses more on customer's personalization will become a new topic.

Finally, it will be a new competitiveness to see how the 'AI solution' of a specific company does not solve everything but how they interact with each other through 'open platform'.

Finally LG says the LGV30S will arrive at MWC 2018 with enhanced Vison AI, Voice AI and with Emotional AI.

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