Saturday, February 24, 2018

Official Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Video introduction.

The phone reimagined to work smarter. Seamless multitasking. To Do more effectively. To Protect your data. For Business.

Improved DX Dock lets you plug your phone to a display or a TV and turn it into an Android-powered desktop experience. It’s a good way to show presentations for instance. And because the dock is flat now, you can use the phone as a trackpad.

AR Readiness.

IP 68 Water resistant

A new translation feature. BIXBY LIVE TRANSLATION You can point the camera at text to translate it into a familiar language. This feature is powered by Google Translate as you can see in the corner of the screen in the video.

App pairing

Samsung Knox 3.1 security

Biometrics Autentication Unlocked your phone  with a glanze or a touch meaning: iris scanner or fingertip scanner

Enterprise Edition Samsung is promoting the two phones for business.

More features to discover at the event MWC 2018 Feb 25.

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