Thursday, February 8, 2018

Technology you don`t see but exist. Video.

If you want to know where to go exactly to some store or maybe to the route of your way home by train .

For Selecting a dish of food in a restaurant you don`t need a menu of dishes card or the attention of a waiter, just select the picture of your favorite food and swipe it out to place your order.

You need to use a toilette and don`t want to be seen, just close the door when your are in, and the door glass gets foggy.

You want to put on different kind of clothes and colors , just do it virtually.

The back of the future film  Nike boots with self closing.

If you want to drive with a new color car everyday just change the color  with your remote control.

Want to walk and bike at the same time you have an invent ready for that.

An amphibious bus.

A bunk that becomes a sofa.

Get a bigger dining table turning it around and in reverse to come back for the original size.

An automatic rocking chair for babies.

Get your clothes ironed just by putting them in the machine.

Wearable lighter with mobile OS.

Your bag follows you where ever you go.

What else is out there that we don`t see regulary everyday and exist?

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