Monday, December 1, 2014

Handwritting to Digitized writting instantly on your smartphone with the NEO Smartpen N2.Video

NeoLAB Convergence has developed a smart pen called Neo N2, which enables users to write on paper and instantly record what's written on smartphones and other mobile devices.

In other words, users can use the pen to take notes and at the same time automatically transcribe what they've written onto their mobile gadgets. 

When users draw or write something on paper, the pen's patented N-code technology instantly transmits what is drawn or written onto their mobile devices.

The pen is the size of a regular ballpoint and thus, provides users with a comfortable grip. It is 16 centimeters long and weighs 24 grams. 

It is compatible with Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows and requires only the Neo notes mobile application. Using the pen is also quite intuitive.

"No receiver necessary, no need to switch the pen on, no need for a smart device. Use it as you would an iPhone; you don't need to reboot whenever you call. Simply start writing, and the N2 will automatically turn on and save everything that you are writing. This is called auto saving," NeoLAB Convergence CEO Lee Sang-gyu said.

The Neo N2 can store up to 1,000 pages and automatically archives the notes by date, location and page number once it is connected with another smart device.

Lee said he invented the device in keeping with his philosophy, "Don't let users get overwhelmed by technology." 

He said the engineers and developers behind the product focused on easy usability even though the related technology is extremely complicated.

One might wonder why the CEO chose to invent something that can be used with paper and not with digital devices such as tablet PCs. 

Lee said he did so because he thought people are more familiar with the analogue style of writing with pen and paper.

"There are three advantages of the digital method ― the abilities to share, reproduce and store. We believed if we can combine these advantages with the analogue method, with which people are more familiar, we can create valuable things," the CEO said.

In this way, the Neo N2 perfectly bridges the analogue and digital worlds, he added.

NeoLAB Convergence, established in 2009, is a total "serviceware" enterprise that creates new value by converging a variety of technologies, contents and services. 

It supplies information and communication technology products such as smart toys and digital pens to various industries including education and business.

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