Saturday, December 27, 2014

The first BMW i8 buyer. Video.

This is the story of Dirk Schulz, the first BMW i8 customer. He optioned the car when he saw the concept vehicle back in 2010. At that time he did not know the price or any technical data or even if the car will be produced.

From Deutsch to English: ( Translated from the Spanish sub-titles)

My father was a very passionate fan of cars, me as well, since I was very young.

I saw the Z1 in a picture and I decided at instant that I must have it. The design`s simplicity fascinated me. Concerning quality BMW have been always first class, so I did not have to worry about quality at all.

I got to purchase one of the first  Z1 models. The look was so sensational and I knew I have to get it.

No one knew if it was going to be built some time but one Saturday I think it was October 31st, 2010 I went to BMW . There was a very kind salesman and I said to him “Today I would like to have a buying option for this car”

Rumors about the built of this car came out, of course I expected  a car with 10 cilinders. Was an hybrid  car with two motor one working with gasoline and the other  an electric. But the harmony that BMW built on the car was simple sensational.

This car can not be compared with other sport cars. This concept is totally new and I hope more people notice that this car is very special. 

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