Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Is Samsung developing a tri-band LTE Cat. 10 modem for its Exynos chips for up to 450Mbps speeds?

Samsung is working on a faster LTE chip of its own, which could be used in one  of the two upcoming versions of next year’s Galaxy S6. (one might come with a side curved screen as the Galaxy Note Edge)

Samsung is developing a tri-band LTE Cat. 10 modem for its Exynos chips that would support theoretical data speeds of up to 450Mbps, or significantly higher than the maximum 300Mbps speed of the current LTE Cat. 6 standard.

Samsung is really interested in making its own LTE modem chips, rather than relying on competing products. Qualcomm also has a similar modem for the Snapdragon 810 System on Chip that could be used in a different flavor of the Galaxy S6.

On the other hand, no matter how fast these LTE modem might be, they’re still useless as long as carriers don’t also support the faster data transfers.

South Korean mobile operator LG U+ is also developing a tri-band LTE network that could support theoretical speeds of 450Mbps.

Thus a Galaxy S6 sporting this rumored Samsung-made LTE chips, might see a limited release, at least initially — similarly, this year Samsung launched a Galaxy S5 LTE-A version only for South Korea, a phone capable of offering faster LTE speeds.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S6 at MWC 2015 in March 2-5 in Barcelona, Spain.

Original source from Korea using Google Translate with no corrections: news.naver.com

4 times faster than LTE' Samsung chip comes out next eksi North

[Yangtaehun NewsSamsung's latest smartphonethree-band (triple-bandto overtake rival Qualcomm in the semiconductor division ofspiral reinforcement to reduced sales went on a one-chip solution thatsupports the frequency aggregation technology development (CA). 

3band CA 'is gearing up for the service commercially in the country to four times faster data transfer rates than LTE. 

daysaccording to industry Samsung is developing an integratedNorth eksi next one APthe AP and 3-band communication modemthat supports up to 450Mbps network speeds next year

This early domestic Yitong three companies including LG U + andrelated services that exposure in 3-band CA network service later thismonth because it is expected to be commercially available authentic.

AccordinglyQualcomm also will feature a single-chipSnapdragon810, which supports the first half of next yearthree-band Category 6 (Cat6).

Samsung can not naenotji the two bands Category 6 supportcommunication modem to provide maximum network speed of the Year225Mbpswere pushed to look Qualcomm.

In factincluding LG ElectronicsLenovoHuaweiHsiao MietcMostof the premium smartphone market this yearQualcomm's Gobi '9x35'and 'Snap Dragon 805 "mobile AP that supports the two-band categorywas equipped with the most.

Samsung is also the Galaxy S5 broadband LTE-A 'toGalaxy Note 4 ','Galaxy Note Edge 'and Inteland Qualcomm's Mobile AP on itspremium model was adopted Qualcomm modem communication.

AccordinglySamsung has commercialized this time according to thethree-band communication modem CA and AP as one integrated Northeksi AP to the next time-to-marketand the response that strategy.

Samsung Electronics official said, "Samsung has recently launched amodem 303 eksi North Sea securing communication technologiescompetitive in the modem chip areawe plan to further strengthen thesingle-chip solution." 

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