Monday, April 6, 2015

LG G4 with LG UX 4.0 Video Ad.

The LG G4 is coming up this 28/29 April 2015 and LG is announcing on their korean site that the G4 will arrive with a new version of its LG UX, version 4.0.

LG Korea just today uploaded a video in some way showing the evolution of the UX from 1.0 to 4.0 that we posted  a summary here below after the ad.

* LG Electronics UX Transition
Representative UXFeatures
UX 1.0Q memo, Q SlideEfficient management
UX 2.0Knock on, knock cord, Quick CoverConvenience reduce the hassle
UX 3.0Gesture Shot, touch aensyutEasy and simple user experience
UX 4.0Expert Mode Camera, Gallery, Smart AlertProviding customized experience
- Q Note: Some screens in handwriting as a separate memo / storage / sharing applications without driving 
- Q Slide: The ability to view multiple windows at the same time work 
- Knock On: Turns the screen just double tapping the screen to turn off features motion 
-knocking Code: The user can turn on the screen is unlocked at the same time only one knock pattern set security solution 
- a gesture shot: the spread of palm fist jwimyeon automatically after three seconds with the ability to self-camera shoot 
-touch aensyut: Which of the screen Simply touch any parts that hold the focus to shoot at the same time function.

The Korean to English translation of what brings the LG G4 with the UX 4.0 was translated using Google Translate as follows: (we  did not make any correction and it goes as it went out, as we don`t know or speak korean)

LG Electronics, easier and smarter 'LG UX 4.0' public

"Human-centered understanding the user UX '
■ 4 scheduled for the end of the public 'LG G4' the first application 
■ human-centered philosophy combines LG UX 
□ simple and intuitive UX to more easily and conveniently use 
□ widen the range of choices specialized UX to specialist / general user satisfaction both 
□ User understood as a smarter UX provides customized information
LG Electronics unveils easier and smarter 'LG UX 4.0'. LG Electronics 'LG UX 4.0' strategy planned for later this month published the first smartphone equipped with the 'G4', since other products are also plans to release sequentially.
LG Electronics has captured the human-centered philosophy UX UX 4.0 ▲ simpler to become smart enough to understand the specialized UX ▲ user to expand the range of streamlined UX ▲ User selectable UX, LG Electronics only.
'LG UX 4.0' is a simple and intuitive UX to everyone, as well as easy-to-use, features that provide a high level of functionality as a specialized unit through the user settings.
LG Electronics is the last 2012 'Q memo', 'Q Slide' begins with a knock on the 2013, 2014, etc. The main strategy has been to present a knock Code further evolution UX with smartphones. In particular, the G3 was released last year, the 'Gesture Shot', 'Touch aensyut' and got a good response with it UX, reflects the opinions of consumers.
■ become more simple and easy UX
'LG UX 4.0' newly applied "Quick Shot (Quick Shot) 'is the ability to easily capture scenes often missed, even when the screen is turned off. If you press the volume button on the bottom of the back twice (double-click) it is possible to capture the moment for a desired scene by running the camera app.
"Smart Board" is a collection of information scattered in the calendar, music, health, etc. Each app has a widget form so that the user can see at a glance. "Quick Shot" and "smart boards" can all be easily and quickly without the need for a separate set.
Addition, 'LG UX 4.0' can simplify the icon and improves readability consumers intuitive to use. Reducing the initial page also allows the user only has to write easy to essential functions.
■ widen the range of choices specialized UX
'LG UX 4.0' is a regular user as well as the user can also be used in a variety of settings for easy writing smart device utilization. In particular, the camera is a professional, general, it is possible to simply select one of the recording modes etc. 3 wide, the width of user choice. Professionals can of course also take regular user satisfaction. 'LG UX 4.0' expert mode, the camera can get a new addition to DSLR cameras for professional-level outcomes through a variety of settings.
'Calendar' was upgraded to gather in one place, a certain number of options in different places depending on the user settings management. In particular, it can easily import the calendar on the SNS by dragging one can manage not miss an important event.
■ smarter UX enough to understand the user
'Gallery' was simply transformed into a space that provides memories lay piled in space pictures. The moment you want to remember and give time to recognize the position taken automatically created an album can be seen by the event together.
The Smarter 'Smart Alerts' such as the user's understanding of the environment, lifestyle and provide customized analysis of the notification. For example, if the weather away from providing simple information, "I think the sunny weather to enjoy the game even better basketball in the park 'for users who like to play basketball delivers an optimized user notifications such as:
In addition, 'LG UX 4.0' There were also apply the 'Ring ID' feature that automatically composing a ringtone to the phone number registered for the ring only deutgodo know who the favorites to make contacts.
Company CEO Cho Jun-Ho, president of LG Electronics MC "'LG UX 4.0' is simple and users, as well as been smarter to use a smartphone easier, experts also broadened the range of choice with specialized UX can be satisfied," said "Understanding users and will provide consumers with the UX on human-centered care a special experience that consistently," he said.
Source: LG Korea

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