Tuesday, April 14, 2015

LG Display presents: The Realistic and Natural Color of LCD WCG.

Color gamut refers to the range of colors that a screen can display. Basically, a wider color gamut expresses more colors, and the more colors that are displayed, the more realistic the image will appear. 

Therefore, the color gamut is commonly used as an index for reproduction of high-resolution images. But what can be done to increase the color gamut? The answer to that question lies in various WCG (Wide Color Gamut) technologies that could increase the color gamut.

Various Efforts to Increase the Color Gamut

There are multiple methods of increasing the color gamut with WCG technology. The first method is through changing the color filter. This method entails controlling the width of the color filter or changing the RGB concentration, mix ratio and color type to create a broader color gamut.

The second method is to change the LED package to high-color package in order to display more colors by controlling the backlight unit. The third method is to install fluorescent quantum dot film to the backlight unit to increase the color gamut.

LG Electronics showed off their Wide Color LED TV and Quantum Dot TV with quantum dot film at CES and at the new product release conference in 2015. 

Both products stood out as displays with a higher color gamut and more natural colors than other products on the market. The Wide Color TV received the public recognition for superb performance.

LG Display WCG Technology Accounts for both Efficiency and High-performance

LG Display consistently strives to deliver on improved performance and customer satisfaction. LG Display products can be considered to have a natural, distortion-fee image even with an increased color gamut and products with high performance and reasonable cost to consumers. 

LG Display favors the high-color package control method to using a quantum dot film for improving the color gamut to deliver these high-performance and reasonable-priced products.

On the other hand, the LED package modification method makes high-color reconstruction possible while producing results very similar to the results produced when using the quantum dot method. 

LG Display continues to employ diverse technologies and deliver efficient and high-performance products. We have now discussed LG Display’s efforts with diverse WCG technology to produce more natural colors.

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