Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Samsung next Gear smartwatch with rotating bezel, confirmed.

Samsung next round Gear with Tizen OS smartwatch will have a rotating bezel.

It could add additional methods on input to make navigation around its Tizen smartwatch OS easier. For example, it can help with scrolling or potentially switching between applications.

Samsung have  released their new Tizen SDK to developers that have previously signed up for their Samsung Gear Early Access SDK. The new Tizen SDK will help developers to build “richer and differentiated apps for the next generation Gear device”. The current release is Tizen SDK 2.3.1 RC7, with downloads available for Mac OSX-64bits / Ubuntu-32bit / Ubuntu-64bits / Windows-32bits and Windows-64bits.

A fairly comprehensive set of documentation is available that includes a certificate guide, gear UI design guidelines, Sample apps, Install guide and others. The documentation does confirm a rotating bezel as an option on the Next Gear devices as part of the user interface for page navigation and device control. Users will now not be required to keep repeatedly swiping on the screen to get to the pages, or tapping multiple times to adjust setting values, instead they can rotate the outer bezel until they get the desired result. 

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