Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Smartwatch married to smartphone or a really stand-alone smartwatch?

(This article is for you and smartwatches manufacturers)

How many smartwatches in the market we have until now? Can you remember the names and models of every manufacturer?

Pebble with 2 classic versions, SONY with 3 versions , SAMSUNG has 5 versions, LG has 4 versions, APPLE has 3 model versions, MOTO 360 just one and so many more and  knock-offs versions that you can find some  on Amazon store.

Only Samsung has made the first Tizen stand-alone smartwatch until now. (but with no video capture feature)Samsung

My point is:  a real SMARTWATCH has to work exactly like an smartphone but on a reduced size screen. It means it has to operate WiFi, take videos, pictures, watch Youtube videos all the possible and most important apps you have on your smartphone, but  by its own. That is what SMARTWATCH means. So why keeping it tied to your smartphone to work, that is a joke and I don`t think in time is a real business.

What , are you afraid to get reduced sales of your smartphones? Well  it could happen. Maybe the real SMARTWATCH deal will substitute some of  those smartphones sales instead.

Maybe you as a manufacturer is the time to make a decision. Keep making REAL STAND-ALONE SMARTWATCHES or  If NOT, just abandon the idea of it and keep making smartphones only.

Don`t waste your time and money. There are so many people out there that will not buy married SMARTWATCHES at all.

Would you?

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