Thursday, May 28, 2015

Google`s I/O 2015 Agenda. What to expect?

The Google`s I/O 2015 event is about to begin today May 28, 2015 and as before years we are expecting the presentation of what is going to be the next Android OS called M (Marshmallow). Are saying it will be also focused on profesional enterprise besides just for the personal use.

It is expected to announce a new milestone, the Android OS use in more than 1,300 million units

Maybe some novelties about the mobile payment, battery life increased could be announced.

Google wants to conquer the home. It will do so with two tools: a proposal for Android applications for home appliances that connect to each other, which in the industry is called the Internet of Things, and other content as childish.

In hardware are expected a new version of Goolge Glass ,new kind of smartwatches and the benefits of the new version of Android Wear on them and perhaps some  news of the mobiles modular Project Ara that will be announced in Puerto Rico.


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