Monday, December 28, 2015

James Cameron confirms that "Avatar 2" will arrive for Christmas 2017

Canadian filmmaker James Cameron confirms that the scheduled date for the premiere of the awaited second part of "Avatar" corresponds to the end of 2017. ( Dec 25)

"Christmas 2017, that is our goal, or at least what we have announced," he told the "Montreal Gazette".

As recalled, the first part of this science fiction saga exceeded two billion dollars in revenues, positioning itself as the highest grossing film in history. Time after three deliveries be announced.

James Cameron said , the priority is not so much the release date but to ensure that the timing between the three parties is pending one year.

"We have more or less finished design, which is a huge job that has taken us about two years. We conclude the  creatures and landscapes, as well as new worlds inside the world of Pandora that are going to be," he declared, quoted "ABC".

James Cameron plans would shoot the three films as if they were one.

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