Friday, December 18, 2015

South Korea: Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 5 128 GB Winter Special Edition. US$848.-

                                                                                     gold platinum and silver titanium
Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 5 128 GB Winter Special Edition.
The Galaxy Note 5 is equipped with a 128GB high-capacity memory, the Galaxy Note 5 Winter Special Edition will be released in December 18, 2015.
Galaxy Note 5 Winter Special Edition is released through SKT and KT korean carriers, in two colors popular gold platinum and silver titanium The price is ₩ 999,900 (US$848.-). 
Samsung also continues to offer various promotional products to the consumer's right to benefit rich from Christmas and New Year. 
Samsung presents the 'gear VR' to all customers who purchase a Galaxy S6 edge 'and' Galaxy S6 edge + "to the end of the month.
Samsung Electronics Online Store ( ), sold 1.099 million won to tie the Galaxy Note 5 128GB VR packaged products and gear.
The Galaxy Note 5 provides a fast wireless charger for consumers to join the 'Samsung pay' in 5000 won, for 2016 Year of SAT students have to register for a new one on Samsung pay 'endangered  battery pack ₩ 50,000 vouchers, 'gear S2' ₩ 50,000 vouchers, mobile Happy ₩ 50,000 Money can select one of the gift certificates.
Samsung Electronics said, "I would like the Christmas have greater benefits to the consumers with the Galaxy Note 5 128GB products on a special price and proceed to various promotional" and "Samsung products are good to convey the heart of the New Year love and gratitude The hope is a gift, "he said.
For more information on events and products, Samsung Electronics website( can be found at).

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