Sunday, February 14, 2016

Japan Display Inc. Announces Mass Production of 2nd Generation PIXELS EYES LCD modules for Premium Mobile Products.

Press Release:
Japan Display Inc. (JDI) today announced the start of mass production start of 2nd generation "Pixel Eyes" LCD modules for premium mobile products, which require high performance.
"Pixel Eyes" modules are products incorporating JDI's proprietary technology which integrates touch functionality in the display. By adopting new sensor structure and new materials, we have achieved thinner borders, deep black level, and the ability to smoothly input characters and graphics with a finer stylus, as narrow as 1mm in width. The new 2nd generation "Pixel Eyes" display even operates with wet fingers. Furthermore, compared to other alternative in-cell touch technologies, JDI’s advanced technology makes it much easier to achieve higher resolution and realize larger size panels up to as large as 16-inch class.
JDI's furthering evolution of "Pixel Eyes" will continue to contribute to our customers' mobile product development. We will continue to offer attractive display products featuring advanced technologies, based on our core low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) technology.
【Features of 2nd generation EyesTM
1st Generation2nd Generation
Side border width0.8mm0.5mm
Passive stylusSupports ≧ 2.0mm φSupports ≧ 1.0mm φ
Display sizeUp to 6-inch classUp to 16-inch class
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