Thursday, February 4, 2016

MWC 2016: Napatech Provides Smarter Data Delivery for High-Speed Networks.

Napatech Helps Customers Go Beyond the Challenge of High-Speed Packet Capture to Expand the Scope of their Network Management and Security Applications.

The speed, complexity and amount of data in networks are increasing at explosive rates. Napatech today announced its commitment to smarter data delivery for network management and security applications. The company has developed a comprehensive portfolio of high-speed accelerators, value-added software and integrated platforms that capture data faster, more efficiently and on-demand. 

  • Faster time-to-market - The company's patented technology delivers data from networks at high speed and volume with zero packet loss and enables real-time insight into network traffic. Napatech solutions, which scale up to 200Gbps, are integrated and preconfigured to help shorten customers' in-house development or time-to-market.

  • More efficient data capture at the packet level - Napatech solves the issue of capturing large volumes of data with zero packet loss and provides time stamping of every frame with nanosecond precision. These high-performance features provide smarter data delivery to applications with extremely low CPU load.

  • On-demand data delivery – Napatech Pandion is an integrated solution that gives customers the power to record, specify and retrieve data where, when and how they need it. Pandion is the solution of choice for OEM providers who want real-time capture and network recording capabilities to be included in their own solutions.
See the entire portfolio at Mobile World Congress, BarcelonaFebruary 22-25, 2016, Hall 6, Stand 6J21
Henrik Brill Jensen, CEO, Napatech said: "As data in networks continues to grow at explosive rates, the need to monitor and secure sensitive information is more important than ever before. We are proud to provide a comprehensive, high-performance, smarter data delivery portfolio to assist our customers in building equipment that is future-proof and ready to handle the data challenges of tomorrow, today."
About Napatech
Napatech is the world leader in data delivery solutions for network management and security applications. As data volume and complexity grow, organizations must monitor, compile and analyze all the information flowing through their networks. Our products use patented technology to capture and process data at high speed and high volume with guaranteed performance, enabling real-time visibility. We deliver data faster, more efficiently and on demand for the most advanced enterprise, cloud and government networks. Now and in the future, we enable our customers' applications to be smarter than the networks they need to manage and protect.

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