Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Science: A “failed experiment” became a life-saving discovery: The Artificial Skin INTEGRA.Video

This is artificial skin INTEGRA and innovation that revolutionized the treatment of burn victims. It was invented to replace the bandages, which cannot seal large damaged areas.

Patient with extensive burns often die, because bandages cannot heal their wounds quickly. Even if patients survived scars are left on their skin.

Artificial skin consists in collagen polymers. Collagen is a protein found in your skin. Artificial skin help patients grow   new skin without forming scars.

It opened a new era in burn treatment and saved thousands of patient lives.

A “failed experiment” became a life-saving discovery by MIT Professor Ioannis V. Yannas and his colleague Dr. John Burke when their search for a better way to treat severe burn victims led to the discovery of organ regeneration — thought impossible by the scientific and medical communities at the time — as well as a brand new field of medicine.

A Life-Saving Discovery at MIT MechE   

Integra® Dermal Regeneration Template

INTEGRA® Dermal Regeneration Template is a two-layer skin regeneration system. The outer layer is made of a thin silicone film that acts as your skin's epidermis. It protects the wound from infection and controls both heat and moisture loss. The inner layer is constructed of a complex matrix of cross-linked fibers. This porous material acts as a scaffold for regenerating dermal skin cells, which enables the re-growth of a functional dermal layer of skin. Once dermal skin has regenerated, the silicone outer layer is removed and replaced with a thin epidermal skin graft. This completes the procedure and leaves you with flexible, growing skin.

Benefits of INTEGRA Template include:
  • The permanent regeneration of dermal skin
  • Thinner skin grafts resulting in less scarring at the donor site
  • Faster healing donor sites
  • Immediate physiological wound closure without risking the loss of donor material
  • Patients can begin rehabilitation with INTEGRA Template in place
  • No reports of rejection
  • No immediate need to create donor site wounds
  • Donor sites heal faster and can be harvested more frequently
  • Post excisional use of INTEGRA Template does not require the use of temporary
    coverings such as allograft, xenograft or synthetic dressings

BURNS: INTEGRA® Dermal Regeneration Template is indicated for the post-excisional treatment of life threatening full-thickness or deep partial-thickness thermal injuries where sufficient autograft is not available at the time of excision or not desirable due to the physiological condition of the patient. INTEGRA® Dermal Regeneration Template is indicated for the repair of scar contractures when other therapies have failed, or when donor sites for repair are not sufficient or desirable due to the physiological condition of the patient.

Integra® Dermal Regeneration template is available in the following sizes in both single and 5 pack configuratons:

2 in x 2 in (25 sq cm)
4 in x 5 in (125 sq cm)
4 in x 10 in (250 sq cm)

8 in x 10 in (500 sq cm)

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